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tattoo infos 

 ▪ since january 2023, I have left Bruxelles and I now live and work in Angoulême, France (2 hours of train from Paris).
▪ I am a tattoo artist but also and illustrator and comic book author. for this reason I only tattoo 4 days a month. 
▪ I do not tattoo underage people.

I don't draw custom designs, I only work with my  flashs (ready-to-tattoo designs)
▪ my flashs are unique, I never tattoo it twice.
▪ I do not publish my flashs. you have to choose from my flash book, on the spot, the day of your appointment.

▪ I do not force anyone to get tattooed : if the day of your appointment, none of my flash suits you, you can walk away without owing me anything.

▪ my time is precious though (and so is yours probably) so before to book an appointment, make sure to :

-like my work in general
-come with no specific expectation (avoid asking ”do you have this type of design in your book?”) and ready to be surprised (because if you come with a precise idea, the chances you find it in my flash book are impossible)
-to trust me.

▪ my book contains at all times from 70 to 120 unique and available designs. I update it often so you can have a large choice. There is various types/sizes of designs.
▪ my flashs are worth from 150 to 250€.

▪ I do not sell my flashs to be tattooed by someone else.
▪ I do not tattoo the stomach/ribs/lower back area.

you agree with all this? 

awesome, now we can book a spot ! 

For this we now need to find a date that works for both of us. I post the dates of my monthly 4 days sessions in priority through my newsletter and sometimes on instagram. don't hesitate to subscribe to receive the news in time ! 

so, the easiest way is to wait for me to publish some dates, but if it doesnt match your schedule you can contact me and I'll do my best to give you a spot which works for for you !

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