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Our tattoo shop Boule de feu is locatedin the center of Angoulême, 15-20 minutes walk from the train station​. I tattoo 3-5 days a month. My usual slots are 11h, 13h and 15h.


 to ask for an appointment, you can e-mail me at f.tarmasz(a)gmail(point)com.

it is important for me that you mention the following infos :

-your first name, last name and pronouns.
-your preferences in terms of dates and time. If your schedule is flexible, please tell it to me as well !
-your phone number (I use it only for urgent infos/needs the day of the appointment)

-if you have any special needs about your tattoo session

that's enough infos for me to give you an appointment.

See you soon ! ☺

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